Martial Arts for Kids in North Austin and Cedar Park
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Kids Martial Arts

Tiger-Cubs Program

taekwondo lessons for kids in austin txOur Tiger-Cubs Program builds on a child’s early development. Our lessons focus mostly helping kids with their balance and coordination. In addition, we place heavy emphasis on following instructions.

Tiger-Cub classes are typically 30 minutes in length. A typical lesson will have your child perform basic kicking and striking movements. The repetitive nature of these movements aim to build a child’s physical coordination and listening skills.

Juniors Program

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of North Austin’s Juniors Program is the perfect after-school activity for your elementary school-age child. We’ve invested heavily in the Juniors curriculum. Junior class lessons include typical martial arts exercises, self-defense techniques, and life skills education.

At Tiger-Rock, we take bullying seriously. We delve deep into non-violent anti-bullying strategies and necessary self-defense techniques to help your child protect themselves.

In addition, we teach important life skills such as stranger awareness, listening, self-control, and personal responsibility.
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After a few months of kids’ martial arts classes, your child will…

Improve their behavior. We teach the importance of honor, courtesy, and respect for authority. These lessons, combined with instilling self-discipline and self-control, will help your child channel their energy in a positive way. They’ll be less likely to act out.

Grow their confidence. At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, no one sits on the bench. We offer an inclusive environment that encourages participation by everyone. We believe in teaching students to build their skills through encouragement and positive guidance.

Stay active and healthy. Understandably as a parent, you want to ensure that your child stays healthy and active. Video games may be great, but nothing compares to getting regular exercise and participating in athletic activities.

Parents absolutely love Tiger-Rock Martial Arts.

Our Facility Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of North Austin operates a world-class, spacious facility, including a large taekwondo training mat and a classroom area for our after school program. Parents can rest assured that their child will be a clean, safe environment.

Our Instructors Master Martin Ahrene, Miss Jackson, and the rest of the Tiger-Rock Martial Arts staff are certified instructors that are up to date with the latest training methods. They have a deep understanding of child development and work extensively to provide the best environment for North Austin kids.

Our Program Tiger-Rock has developed its kids’ martial arts program through extensive research and consultation. As an organization, we have taught thousands of kids important lessons in taekwondo, life, and safety since 1983.