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martial arts lessons for kids in austin

Martial Arts for Ages 4-15

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of North Austin offers two great programs for young martial artists. Many parents have seen incredible changes in their children after enrolling them into Tiger-Rock. We’re told that our lessons have helped their kids become more focused, disciplined, confident, and better behaved.

  • Our Tiger-Cubs program is for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten kids. This program is designed to help 4- and 5-year-old students with their cognitive and physical development.
  • Our Juniors Program for elementary school kids ages 6 to 11 teaches discipline, respect for authority, how to fight back against bullies, and stranger awareness.
  • Our Teens Program is for middle school and high school students ages 12 to 15 for leadership training, self-defense, and building towards the future.
taekwondo for adults and teens

Martial Arts for Adults (16+)

Are you looking for an activity that can help you burn calories and improve your physical fitness and it’s not the gym? Taekwondo has been proven to improve core muscle strength, cardiovascular health, endurance, and flexibility. You can also improve your muscle tone and appearance!

We offer adult martial arts on select evenings throughout the week at Tiger-Rock in North Austin. We’re the ultimate after-work or after-practice destination and we’re the perfect complement to any training regimen or athletic activity you participate in.


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    Vivian Pugh
    a year ago

    I have a five and a seven year old who has attended this school for almost a year. It’s been terrific teaching and I feel so at ease with their methodology and discipline. The instructors are phenomenal. They’ve taught my kids respect, kindness, confidence while enhancing their exercise capacity and meeting requirements for their physical activity as a child. My kids love coming to class. We will stick with this school throughout their growth.
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    Melissa Tiemann
    a year ago

    The staff and instructors are awesome. Very helpful and great with kids. We took our 4 littles here and they absolutely love the classes!!! It is the best getting to cheer them on in the stands while they practice. Highly recommend for ages 4-10!
  • Avatar

    Shelton Strid
    2 years ago

    Just wanted to say how impressed I am with this facility. Every single staff member is very professional, engaging, and kind. My son goes to tiger rock and has such a wonderful time with learning, and being with new friends he has made. Definitely worth every penny. If you're looking for a place for you, or your kiddo to go to learn self defense, discipline and all at the same time enjoy it. This would be the place to go.