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Adult and Teen Taekwondo

Adult Martial Arts

Our adult martial artists have an after-work destination that will aid in their physical fitness, improve cardiovascular health, and help lose weight.

Teens Program

Middle school and high school martial artists will learn essential self-defense, build on their athleticism, and gain key leadership skills.

Adult Martial Arts

Our daily life’s crazy, hectic schedules can cause a great deal of stress and affect our peace of mind. By taking an adult martial arts class at Tiger-Rock, you can restore some of that lost energy and clarity.

Taekwondo brings a new dimension to your life with numerous benefits, which include improvements in your cardiovascular health, physical keenness, and stress relief. You will be more focused, stronger, and confident as you take regular adult taekwondo lessons at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of North Austin.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of North Austin conducts adult taekwondo classes in a professional, direct manner. We will teach you the technical skills you need to know, as well as incorporate important stretching, strength, and conditioning exercises. Altogether, these elements make for an incredible stress-relieving, calorie-burning workout.

Teen Martial Arts Program

If you are looking for a constructive after-school activity for your teen, then consider enrolling your teen into taekwondo at Tiger-Rock. Taekwondo is an incredible teaching tool for teens, helping students in this age group gain self-defense skills, self-discipline, and self-confidence.

Today’s teens are tomorrow’s leaders. That’s why at Tiger-Rock, we structure our teen martial arts lessons to not only include taekwondo and self-defense techniques, but lessons in leadership and personal responsibility.

Plus, our teen martial arts program includes lessons in real-world self-defense and anti-bullying. We want to give each student in our Teens program all of the life skills and tools necessary to protect themselves in an uncertain world.

Five key benefits of teen and adult martial arts training

Strength—Because taekwondo focuses mostly on kicking and footwork, you will build strength in your core and in your legs, improving stability, flexibility, and stamina.

Focus—You will be asked to do many moves in a repetitive fashion. Not only does this help you learn certain techniques, but it will also improve your ability to focus and concentrate.

Confidence—As you advance in taekwondo training, you will see yourself do things that you didn’t think you could do. As you acquire more skills and learn new techniques, you will build self-confidence.

Self-Defense—A major motivator for adults and teens to take martial arts classes is self-protection. You will learn important real-world self-defense techniques.

Mental Health—You’re probably already familiar with the physical benefits of martial arts. However, martial arts helps with mental health by reducing stress and improving your peace of mind.

Tiger-Rock Members enjoy great benefits

Train anywhere in the USA—Once you become a member of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of North Austin, you can train at any of our 100 locations across the country.

Participate in Competitions—Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, International, our parent organization, organizes annual local, statewide, and national tournaments you can compete in.

A Strong Community—Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is a martial arts community of over 30,000 members who share many of the same goals that you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there long-term contracts?

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts prides on being a martial arts organization that puts our members first. As long as you’re a Tiger-Rock member, you never have to worry about being locked into a long-term contract.

When are classes held?

Adult and teen martial arts lessons are usually in the evenings as the last lessons of the day. We hold classes throughout the week and on Saturday. Tiger-Rock North Austin is closed on Sunday.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy! Please contact us today for more information on our current enrollment specials.